Monday, July 4, 2016

A tree should share our destiny
if we would only stop and see
how this world precariously
entrusts us with their care.

A tree invites to share its shade
and within its sheltered mossy glade
lovers meet, sweetly get laid
and bind their hearts to share.

But through the ages we cut down
every mighty oak we found
and forests that once did abound
are now dry deserts bare.

And all the creatures we once heard
insect, mammal, reptile or bird
no sound emitted where they once stirred.
Too late, when we now care.

For every tree that we have burned
costs us much more than we earned
Hard lessons taught, nothing learned
love is more than lying there.

A tree should share our destiny,
a seedling planted carefully
protected down the century
provides us with our living air.

A tree defines our destiny.


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