Friday, April 18, 2014

A Spray of Roses.

Every woman loves to hold a spray of roses
every woman wants to receive them from a man
but there's just a single rose posted on my Facebook wall
and I know there's someone there who understands

You may have wondered why I post this single rose
you may think it looks so lonely pictured there
but every single rose needs to be enclosed
within a spray of friends who really care.

Sometimes a man needs to write some poetry
sometimes he needs to get things off his chest
but most of all he needs someone to give him back a rose
to know they understand is what he loves best.

I think I'll go and plant a rose in our front garden
and every time I see it blooming there
I'll be reminded of the single rose I posted on my Facebook wall
to remember a lost child no longer here.

Rest in that peaceful world, Summer Rose.
11/1/1997 - 15/4/2014


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