Monday, January 14, 2013

They killed them all-

How many elephants died so a rich jerk could swank around in this ivory covered car?

They shot them all- the elephant.
How could we be so ignorant?
Just for trinkets of ivory
we destroyed a whole specie.

Elephants in Chad are being wiped out so their ivory can fund weapons. Picture courtesy SOS Elephants of Chad.
They killed them all- the mighty lion
so their bones could rot in wine.
What a weird Asian belief 
rotting bones can bring relief?

They shot them all- the tall giraffe
bows and arrows while they laugh
macho pics decorate Facebook walls
while trophy heads adorn their walls.

They killed them all- the proud leopard

It wasn't all so really hard
Just a poacher's wire snare
and a gin-trap hidden there.

They shot them all - the rhinoceros

now there is no more for us
to admire- now we mourn
all because of their bloody horn!

Photo courtesy Facebook rhino groups.

So they killed them all- the Big Five ( and a few more...)
now no more are alive
They followed the examples set
of leaders plundering our natural assets!

So we now ask the President

why would anyone frequent
Africa so empty and bare
with no more Big Five living there?

We wrote them all- the letters sent

to the esteemed President
We begged his intervention for
how could he completely ignore?



Rachel Hoyt said...

Geeeeeezzzz. That car is one of the most ridiculously frivolous things I've seen in awhile. No ivory jewelry for me.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the picture of the giraffe? I'm trying to find it's origin and story. I have somewhat of a reason to believe it was "tranquilized" in the photo.