Friday, August 17, 2012

Rough Diamonds.

My daddy never had time for my growing
 I lost my mother early in my youth.
Found my way through lots of mistakes for the knowing
Seemed I could never make enough
You never do make enough....

Sometimes I felt like a child in a waste dump
or a dog picking over Monday's trash.
But now and then there's a diamond in there glowing,
if you ever get to look hard enough
for that diamond in the rough....

Uncut diamond. Pic source Wikipedia

Every kid needs to feel when he's a-growing 
he's still a part of our society.
You gotta think all the rocks he is throwing
are to grab some notice from you and me.
Maybe he's wanting you to see....

Maybe he's crying out for someone to be showing
he's an uncut diamond in the rough?
He's a diamond in the rough for the knowing
if we can stop and look hard enough,
polish up this diamond in the rough....

Nowadays I think our kids need their mentors
tough enough to clip them around the ears.
Maybe kids wish to learn the respect that engenders
to last those kids throughout their years?
Make those boundaries loud and clear....

Remember we should look for those diamonds,
how to recognise when they appear?
You want a diamond, takes time heat and pressure
to turn that coal dust into gems.
Is it time we toughen up on them?

Cut and polished diamond. Pic source Wikipedia



Red Nomad OZ said...

It's interesting that whenever successful programs for disadvantaged/disturbed youth are shown on Aussie TV, the common elements include a) tough love; b) structure; c) physical activity and d) tangible results (eg food from a garden).

Well said.

Rachel Hoyt said...

Great poem Jim! I'm not a fan of the never raise your voice type parenting. Kids need boundaries. It takes hard work and pressure to become a diamond. :)

Jim said...

I read the same Red Nomad Oz, and in talking with our own kids, now adults, they preferred the quick smack than the forever-lasting time-out approach because they knew they'sd done something bad to have to have been so disciplined, but also because the family environment gets back to a positive vibe ever so much quicker.

Jim said...

I see you got the metaphors Rachel...
time- the passage from rebellious youth to responsible adult
Heat- maintaining the boudaries
Pressure- the imprint of values we parents maintain then see emerging in our young as they mature.