Sunday, May 13, 2012

There is nothing so -

There is nothing so heartbreaking
Than to know in my lifetime
Elephant, lion and rhino
May be gone in a decade's time.
There are those who trophy hunt them
Lion bones end up in wine
Elephant are killed so ivory
Is carved into Asian figurine.

There is no greater sadness
Than to see an elephant die.
Or to stand beside a rhino carcass
And ever wonder why
As our disappearing wilderness
And our mega-fauna pass on by
Aeons they have prospered-
Gone... in a twinkle of an eye.

I have travelled across this vast world
And down through the tracts of time
But the pleasures that really draw me
Are our creatures... so sublime.
They are treasures of this planet
They are gifts of pearls and wine.
They're our sisters, they're our brothers
They are our family... yours and mine.

There is nothing e're so helpless
Than to realise this heinous crime
Of the poaching onslaught raging
Brings them to their end of time.
Current legislation is failing
Poaching soars beyond control
Asian demand is brutally rising;
We need to re-define our role.

Solutions will elude us
If between us we all fight.
Try to debate the issues
And there is no place where you might.
All the parties have their reasons
Neither one is wrong or right.
Meantime the decimation of the species
Rages unabated... out of sight.

There is nothing so disappointing
Than to see rhino supporters fall
Like cannibals upon their own members
When pro-traders make their call.
Conservation of a species
Requires contributions from us all.
Pragmatism not zealotry
Will save the species from downfall.



Jessica said...

So sad...I hope something constructive and swift can be done to end their suffering. Not sure there can be...but that is my prayer.

Heartbreaking prose...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim:
Pictures a powerful things, Jim. They can either cause great joy, or great despair. Despair even to the point of wanting to turn away.

It's such a shame that this is happening. You're right! It will take a concerted effort on everyone's part to reverse this trend.

Hope it will happen.