Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lost, immersed, found, revived.

I sense time and universe expand
Horizons clear wherever I stand
Salt crust icing across the pan
Silence dwarfs this mortal man.

With awe-inspiring desert all round
Where every mountain has been ground down
As time has weathered to grains of sand
By wind and rain, rocks can't withstand.

I feel the power of lonesomeness
No worldly goods of uselessness
 My wounded soul gains time to mend
By each glowing rock I now call friend.

Alone, I'm embraced by a vast crowd
Of granite soldiers standing proud
And baobab sentinels on guard
As Sol begins his march upward.

I see the birth of this glorious day
Where once a green island lay
In brackish waters of an inland bay
That time has long since washed away.

Where ancient lake has long been drained
Reborn each year with season's rain
The migratory fowl remain
A mere short months to lay again.

I hear the voice of this desert scape
As eerie silence resonates
A refuge where my soul escapes
For Nature to rejuvenate.

I release my mind to its free rein
To walk where ancient spirits remain
Never more aware of life's refrain
And become as one with this terrain.

Kubu Island
Makgadikgadi Pans

All pictures by Jim McIntosh.
And I'll own up to the lame lyrics too!



Unknown said...

These are beautiful pictures.

Jobavi Luna said...

'Took my breath away. I love trees. I love your poem.