Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Carpets and Leopard Skins.

Jacob, can you hear us? Why aren’t you up front in the wars! We need real men to fight poachers with their helicopters, drugs and chainsaws. Leave your leopard skin at home –spots don’t hack it in the bush- camo is more fitting. Do you miss the point of all of this? Someone ever tell you leopards are endangered?

Can you get out of your office Jacob? Red carpet dignitaries, filling their hollowness with fresh fillet and rich gravies; paper-umbrella decorated cocktails; dipping their snouts...while scheming to fill their offshore accounts. That takes so much time: oh, the details! But those important matters ignore the rhino decimation: so deal with it by pulling down the shutters and new gagging legislation! Ah, but blood still stains the reddest carpet when so many are trampling it in.

Jacob, how do we know the enemy within? Can we meet you on the battlefield when you finally cave in? The APU guys in the bush know what they’re fighting for: they put their blood out there on the line. Their stains will be those honestly entwined…around every fibre of the red carpet on your office floor. Tread carefully: look away as you walk the canyons of power. Don’t ignore the reminders of the War.

Have you seen their faces Jacob? Deep drugged slumber; chainsawn facelift; agonising wakefulness; stumbling, uncomprehending the hell! 3 days to die in front of their brood: would be better that they killed them! Their red carpet is the ground stained black with clotted blood!

Jacob, have you heard them -the cry of the calves? “Mama, are you sleeping? I can hear no heartbeat sound. Mama, you’ve grown cold now -as cold as the hard ground. Mama, will you protect me? Hyena gather round!”

And the tourists, Jacob –they want the Big Five.  Jacob, will you protect them? How many lion are left alive? Bones in bottles of Asian wine! Oh, the big tuskers – where are they? Chopsticks to enable the Asian to happily dine! Leopard? Just dignitaries ego-boosting attire? How long before they all go?
Jacob, take the lead now, the men will fall right in. Show you’re worthy to walk red carpets, and wear your leopard skin.
"Mama, are you sleeping?"
 South Africans will realise this an appeal to Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa to take the lead in the rhino poaching crisis.
The South African Government must fully fund more Anti-Poaching Units, and bring the organisers of the criminal poaching syndicates to justice!



Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this Jim.... Such a sad and very desperate situation, seems we are heading for disaster with this crisis?! I agree - our government has to grasp the urgency of this cruel and senseless slaughter of these innocent creatures asap or we might end up with the Big 4 ......

cathy jones said...

How sad to see such magnificent animals killed for tusk...what a waste and what greed. Thank you for posting this Jim. I am sharing this everywhere hoping it will help a bit to raise awareness.

Red Nomad OZ said...

There's such a strong connection between conservation and tourism $$ - but sadly not such a link between bureaucracy, politics and the real world. It's a short-sighted politician who can't join the dots - the effect on the economy can't be discounted. Will be interesting to see what JZ does.