Friday, October 15, 2010

World Blog Action Day! Water!

Water resources for many poor people can be improved if they get just a little financial assistance!
This was the greatest day of our travels, a story of a little child and her family, sponsored by us through Childfund,and how the village badly needed a water pump, and the magnificent work of the Sisters of Carmel in Charadharpur, Jharkhand State, India.
For this rather than write a new blog,I'd like to refer all readers to this post -
The village pump. as it highlights how just a little assistance can mean so much to farmers relying on the monsoon to grow a crop once a year. But with just one water pump they can crop all year around. That one water pump made a significant difference to so many.

BTW, There's a bit more to the story I'd like to add.
In discussions with Savitri's father,translated by Sister Bernadette, we were told how they had set up a village fund, and would charge each farmer for drawing irrigation water from the reservoir they had all created, and that money would go into the fund.It was hoped that over time this would create a small fund from which other village amenities would be paid for. Education, clean drinking water ,better sanitation perhaps.
So by our funding that water pump, perhaps we helped make a lot of other things possible for the village!
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