Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Zealand's Bush: Ferns, Flowers and Feathered Friends.

Here is why I love our New Zealand bush walks.The trick is to remember to look up. Above you there is so much to see in the patterns Nature weaves with fern fronds and the play of light through them. A few photos showing the beauty of our foliage, flowers and our birdlife.

Young Ponga frond

Pohutukawa and blossoms

Kevin Brown of Simple Signs

Photo of Brown Kiwi from Nga Manu Nature Reserve.



Susan Deborah said...

Liked the abundance of green here. they say green is the most soothing colour to the eyes. The colour is filled with a plethora of meaning, you know. Are these pictures taken by you, Jim? If yes, you are an excellent photographer. The bursts of red amidst the green is a lovely combination, by Jove.

A wholesome visual delight, I must say.

Joy always,

Jim said...

Apart from the yellow kowhai flowers and tui photo all the rest I have taken. I spend ages taking photos of our tree ferns, because of the patterns they create. And I can understand what you say about green. It is a very soothing colour. Thanks Susan.

Pamela said...

I love ferns! They speak to me of cool, dank places, moss, and quiet places!

Jorie Pacli said...

I love all of the photos Jim! You did well in capturing the ferns, flowers and feathered friends. In fact, when I visited Singapore's Botanical Garden I captured quite a few of the same pattern as what you captured... Maybe one of these days I'll post them on my blog.... The 4th picture is the most outstanding among the rest... Thanks for sharing.:)

JP Brandano Photography said...

Really lush isn't it. I really love the images of the field, really nicely composed. I always look for patterns and I'm always shooting branches and the such. People must think I'm crazy when they see me photographing an empty tree top lol

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Jim thanks for sharing this beauty...I felt a great peace when I looked at these pictures. There's nothing to beat good old Mother Nature, is there?

Ann said...

looking for an ID of this flower I found at Waotakere.

Do you know? came to you as I am searching to ID. This.