Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Flowers for my Lady Readers.

I promised flowers from Mongolia for a few lady readers I've been following...the blog following type of following that is to say.....
    Sorry but they're wildflowers, but in a way they're nicer because they cost a lot more to go get them!

Enjoy these lillys from the Steppes.
                                                 And some wild Thyme to go with them.

                           Wildflowers don't care where they grow..Thanks Dolly, great song!.

                          OOPS actually in Beijing, ah.... but what the heck , they won't miss a few!

                                   Yep! I give flowers to  all the ladies I meet along the way!

So enjoy the flowers and sit back and listen to the orchestra serenade you!



Sandy's witterings said...

OK, so I'm not a lady reader, but enjoyed this all the same.

Jim said...

Thanks Sandy,I enjoyed doing the flower posts also!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim, sorry they cost so much, but consider it money well spent!!

Owl Dancer said...

Beautiful! Thanks for posting them.

Jenn said...

Very cool...

The first pic reminds me of the pink primroses on the side of my house. I love them.



Jim said...

Thanks ladies, It often caught my mind , when I was scrambling around rocks and hillsides, that co-travellers must have thought I was nuts trying to photograph a few insignificant plants here and there.
But today, when I look back through hundreds of photos of where I have travelled, the flower and plant, and animal life does it for me more so than the photos of castles, buildings or places.
Thanks for showing your apreciation.!