Friday, October 15, 2010

A missing photo!

There's a photo missing from our wall. Our wall, with 2 photo frames hanging there by the clock which tick tocks away waiting for something else to happen. It has happened twice before..another nail in the wall... well actually my Hitachi vibrating concrete drill yammers away,then another Rawlplug banged in, another screw inserted, then another photo frame hung. So there's two now....there should be 3,but one is missing...... Strange,we didn't notice the third was missing until the second frame was hung... Somehow the third becomes a loss to us now, it's not being there in the past wasn't too much of a problem, we thought about it sometimes but it had sunk to the rear of our consciousness, but hanging that second frame up... I guess we'll have to search for it now. It's not being there upsets the trio.... the troika.... the whole! It's not being there now unsettles us....I guess we'll have to go find it!

Each photo is of a woman and child. The woman is my wife. My wife radiates immense joy, giving, completely caught up in the moment , the total wholesomeness and rapture that only a woman can display when she's with a child.
Hey, it's a man writing this! I just don't have the words to describe everything that woman is feeling at the moment captured in those  photos!

India April 2006. Soon after Savitri was in tears.She was overwhelmed.

One of my treasured photos. Possibly the greatest photo in our collection. Well any photo of Kay is treasured.....but that is rather special. I don't know how many photo competitions I've wanted to enter it into... but I don't , because it's already won all the competitions I could think of ! And it's better than that, because it wins a competition every day I see it hanging on our wall, by the clock. And now there's another photo hanging beside it.
Each photo is a record of finally meeting the children we sponsor through Childfund . Sponsoring these children stimulated our interest in their lives and their countries and so we planned travels to visit and meet each. In 2006 we travelled back to India to meet with Savitri. Read about that here-Savitri
And last August we travelled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to meet Hanna, and her family. And we'll be posting a blog about meeting Hanna shortly.
Here's the second photo-

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Aug 2010. Meeting Hanna.

Now that there are two photos hanging there, we were chatting today about the missing photo. You see it's not that we lost it, or it got had never been there because we haven't visited our third sponsored child ! But now we've visited Savitri in India, and Hanna in Ethiopia, I'd noticed there's one missing....  Cirilio, a bright young boy 6 hours drive southwest of Dili, Capital of Timor Leste.
Today while walking our dog we were chatting about visiting Hanna and how we'd visited Savitri, and I said to Kay, that there's something missing at home, a photo.
"I've been thinking the same thing !" Kay replied.
Looks like a trip to Timor Leste.......



Red Nomad OZ said...

What beautiful photos and memories! It looks like whatever you've given your sponsored children has been paid back in bucketloads!

Happy travels!!

Anonymous said...

As always, I can't wait!

icequeen100 said...

Lol, Savitri looks pissed in that photo...

Jim said...

It was too much for her, she was frightened and in tears shortly after.Being centre of attention for the villagers big day.But she settled down after some time.

Wrighton said...

I am a new follower from Facebook. I loved the story and I think your discription of the picture of you wife was poetic and romantic. So much for not understading. Thank you for sharing.

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Thanks for your reply to the Travel Blog Exchange in regards to our Wildlife Biology Site... glad you found us so we could run across your blog.... really enjoying what we've seen so far and looking forward to digging through the past posts... see ya around :)

Jim said...

Thanks Ben and Carrie,thanks for popping in.Look in the Africa archives.I'd like to post more on wildlife in Africa, poaching there has got to devastating heights.Just have a series to work through on child sponsorship and Ethiopia travels meantime.
Keep browsing!
I sure like your site too, your photography is real superb!

icequeen100 said...

Hey Jim, just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog. much appreciated. :)