Friday, October 8, 2010

Flowers to brighten your day.

Recently , (well, actually now that I think about it,) since we have been travelling I have found myself fascinated by flowers in countries we visit. I'm blessed with a life that allows us to travel frequently and taking an interest in plants, trees, and flowers really does enrich our enjoyment and what we absorb from our trips. Travel costs so much these days so I have the philosophy to stop,observe and absorb anything that unfolds and reveals itself to me as we wander. Open your eyes. Look around you. The most pleasurable sights for you may be the simplest of Natures treasures laying there for the traveller who seeks,observes and listens.
Here's a few photos of Natures treasures I have taken along many travels, that I personally think are just as worthy as the great tourist sites we all strive to get to. And yet the greatest pleasures may just be the natural wonders of this world some of us may see as we travel from one tourist site  to another.
If you click on the photo, you'll bring it up full size. Enjoy!

                                                       India 2006 Flowers at Orchna.
                                                        Flowering Furcrea at our house
                                 Croton hedge, Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, Apia, Samoa.2010.
                                                   Flowers, Mysore, India 2004.
                       Rangoli, geometric artwork outside houses in Pondicheri, India, 2006.
                          Kay, my life partner wreathed by fushia , Killikrankie forest walk, 2010
                                                 Pitlochry, Scotland, riverside walk 2010.
                                      The geometric symmetry of Ethiopia's mountain Aloes.

                                       The magnificence of tree Euphorbia,Ethiopia 2010.

                                                                     Ethiopia 2010.
Yeah alright I'll remember it soon and post where it was taken......
But gorgeous!
Same place.I spokewith the girl in the image.She's a volunteer gardener and looks after the living statue!Hire her if you ever get the chance!

 ditto place....
Grassmere, Lake District England 2010
Canal trip, Black Country Museum, Birmingham,2010

Lake Grassmere.

Luss, Loch Lomond 2010

                 The simple beauty of lichen on a gravestone at Cille Choiril, Glen Spean, Scotland.

                                                  Purple pageantry of Ethiopia 2010.

Don't fall off this cliff while gawping at the view ! Ethiopia 2010.
                                                    Acacia blossom, Ethiopia 2010
Butterfly, Ethiopia 2010

Flowers at Blue Nile waterfalls, Lake Tana , Ethiopia

                                        Lichen air plants Lambert's Bay, South Africa.
My favourite photo from South Africa/Namibia tour, Fish River Canyon 2010, 1 lone flower of the desert.

                                                 Cacti blossom, Solitair, Namibia 2010
                                                   Cacti blossom ,home potted plant 2009.

Enjoy all these images.They're just flowers and plants I've photographed along the way.Simple pleasures too many people miss while the rush from tourist site to another.Slow down, observe, there are jewels along the way right at your feet!



Melissa said...

Wow Jim these are great. Thanks for posting them. I will have to find some of my traveling photo's and post some for you.

Emptyhead51 said...

MY JOURNEY BEGINS. (armchair) Yes, you are definitly right about hidden jewels and slowing down to obvserve. Although I have only had the chance to observe natures beauty while on my local walks, I still manage to find it! Not long ago I discovered a beautiful Passion flower, which I thought was sooo out of place amongst the weeds, and found out that it was actually the Tennessee state wildflower! Visit my page "The Wild Side" for some of the beauty I have found while out for my walks.

Leone (sree) said...

Great pictures Jim . I cannot match you with my pics :( hahaa......waiting for more from you

Red Nomad OZ said...

What great photos - so different from what I see at home and travelling in Australia!

Happy travels!!