Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flowers for my lady readers!

This was taken in Ethiopia and it's dedicated to Leone and Melissa and Wanda and all my lady followers!.
My favourite picture from our recent trip to Ethiopia. Seems to dispell the preconceptions we have about the country being dry , famine ridden and war wracked. It may once have been, but today Ethiopia is fast becoming a 'hot' travel destination as a safe , scenic, and culturally rich place to visit.
More blogs to follow.


Leone (sree) said...

Thank you Jim . Btw ,i don't presume any country by the looks . I believe every nation have a brighter side and a less brighter one . Sure there are many people around us who still lives in false assumptions :)

Anonymous said...

Flowers alway brighten even the most darkest corners, inside or out.

Melissa said...

Thank you Jim. Looking fwd to more of your wonderful photo's

Kristine said...

Beautiful photo!