Sunday, July 10, 2011

MY 7 LINKS: My Contributions to a Great Project!

A few days ago I came across a 'My 7 Links' project being talked about. I love new ideas, new ways of doing things, and to me this seemed a great way of bringing travel bloggers together. 
The goal was for bloggers to get together, share their older posts that may not have had the exposure they deserved, and build links to create a 'bank' of the posts we feel we'd like to see out there again. As we build our networks and gain a wider readership our older posts should be brought forth to our new audience.

'My 7 Links'  is a great concept for us all to come together, and share again those significant posts of the past. Thank you Katie at  Tripbase for creating this project!

Thanks to Christina Hegle of Jandal Road for recognising my contributions here at Holes In My Soles. I'm humbled and flattered.

It's tough trying to be a successful travelblogger because there are so many really great, informative, and inspiring sites out there. So I'm exploring various styles - narrative, poetry, and attempting good photography to retell my travelling adventures. Now while they are generally posted as 'my' adventures - my wife is beside me- Kay prefers staying unmentioned, but she is very much there so they are 'our'  experiences. We have been travelling a long journey together, we have had a lot of adventures, and there's many more to come. So I started blogging them, and hopefully Holes in My Soles can earn a few dollars and we can adopt a few more elephant babies at -

My most beautiful post.
For pictures and prose to illustrate an unexpectedly beautiful place in one of the most deserted areas of Southern Africa I think this- Morning at Kubu Island; The Hand of Nature. So vivid in my mind...I hope in yours also after reading it.

My most popular post.
Surprisingly, a wee bit of travel poetry has been my most popular, and still taking lots of hits. Thanks everyone. Someone must like my attempts at poetry.

My most controversial post.
This subject really does need more attention to change attitudes towards women in many countries.

My most helpful post.
Helping raise awareness of child sponsorship, and the organisations.

A post whose success surprised you.
A blog group I belong to has a Friday Moment- post a photo of a significant moment of the week. So I posted last Friday a photo dedicated to my craft of custom shoemaking- a pair of house shoes with cheetah paw prints across them that I made this week for my wife.
My simple slipper photo is now my third most read post. Wow thanks world!

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved.
The plight of elephants and rhinos can never get enough attention. The escalation in poaching throughout Africa is a major problem, fuelled by rising affluence in Asian countries mainly China and Vietnam.

The post that you are most proud of.
Another attempt at travel poetry. While in Namibia last May, I jotted down some lines that came to me while enjoying the desert in flower after late rains.

My 7 Links requires me to recommend up to 5 bloggers to take part- many of those that spring immediately to mind have already appeared on the list long before me-

So here's a few more I follow-
AJ Poliquit at The Transcendental Tourist at
Mike Lynch at
Red Nomad at
Claire at
Kerry-Anne at

Have fun guys!


Debra said...

Well congratulations Jim!

Morning at Kubu Island; The hand of Nature, did indeed capture the sense of beauty you saw there… the rocks and bare trees give a glimpse of wilderness quiet. Song of the Tui, just wow! But all the posts are exquisite and amazing! Am especially impressed with your versatility of style and ingenuity.

BlogNostics said...

This is something definitely new to us and we're very proud that you were nominated to share your own contributions.

Keep it up Jim!

Melissa Tandoc said...

This is so great Jim :). I have yet to read all those posts you've mentioned perhaps one by one, I'll spend time.

Bloggers always have something fresh to offer and older posts couldn't be called as such because there's always new insights we could come up with from reading them.

Very very good job to all of you nominated and who contributed to make this place a better world in your own way Jim ;)

loved it!

Roy Durham said...

Jim i have read all the post you listed and they are truly great. keep up the good work both in the blogasphear and in your travels. my the son always smile on you and god bless.

Red Nomad OZ said...

What a wonderful idea! Even more wonderful that you've included me - I'm SO honoured!!

This was the BEST surprise after 4 days in internet no-no land in the OZ outback!! I'll be posting my own contribution soon!!

Thanx again!!!

Unknown said...

What a great idea that is! I have read most if not all of the posts mentioned there but am going back to check again just in case : ). Congrats Jim!

lakwatsera de primera said...

Thank you for including me here Jim. I gotta backread some of your posts that I've missed. Hope to start mine soon :)

Julia said...

We loved doing the My7Links - it was great to look back at what we've achieved so far. You've got some great posts in your 7 links. I enjoy your poetry posts, too.