Monday, July 25, 2011

Am I a photographer?

Recognition of my camera work as being pretty good has been expressed by some professional photographers I interact with in the blogosphere. Wow and thanks is all I can say! Cool ! To have great photographers encouraging me is really heartening, and the tips they are passing on I am lapping up!
Mari at has been fantastic at passing on her wealth of knowledge about the artistry of photography. Lots of tips and techniques are talked about on her blog. Her latest post sees photos submitted by a host of people to illustrate different methods of creating that great shot. And a couple of mine have been selected.

Take a look at her latest article.

There's a few other photos I thought were pretty good which I wanted to send on to her. Let's have a look at these. Shot in Namibia and Botswana last May/June.

In this first shot I like the way the clouds are highlighted along their bottom edges.

And this-
After the sun has set behind Brandberg Mountain, Namibia.

And from Botswana.
This I like because of the light reflecting off the crocodiles scaled bodies.

I like this because the eye is confused by the closeness of two zebra. It's almost as if you can see both sides of the same animal. 

The impala below is in such clear perspective, and the shadow of another upon her side is very interesting.

Just a few of the photos I like. Plenty more to come.



AJ said...

Yes, you ARE a photographer Jim! Wonderful collection of photos. I especially love the gazelle shadow on gazelle photo. Many great photos are captures of moments like that. It's good that you had your camera then and snapped a shot before any of the animals moved.

Jim said...

Just a few I put up to support the post that Mari has done on her site.
I think that all travel bloggers begin to think more about the pictures they take because writing inspires them to look more deeply at the surroundings they are in, and how to convey that to the reader. So you think more about how you're going to write the story and how you are going to photograph the scene. You're really good in both media AJ!
How's your health mate ?

Rimly said...

You know I loved your photos that were featured in Mari's blog. And these are equally spectacular. You should send these to Mari.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Absolutely fantastic, Jim. I love your photography and the narration. You may be right about the travel blogger bit. I see Nelieta's blog too telling a story with pictures supported by narration.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

You are definitely a terrific photographer. I love your narratives that explain the photos. In this post I love the Zebra - it looks like the Zebra is standing next to a mirror!:D The antelope is beautiful and the shadow almost looks like a graceful tattoo. I'm hoping you'll be a guest photographer on my blog again soon. It was an honor to have you!

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Oh! And thank you for the nice comments about my blog - I appreciate your enthusiasm.

Jim said...

Hi Rimly, thanks for the comments. I love your writings also, always touching the soul!.

Yes Corrine , I think like you - the best travel stories have a balance between a good photo and good narration, and leaving some things to the reader's imagination.

Kevin craig said...

Hello jim you are a very good photographer.All your photos are awesome I like most Brandberg Mountain, Namibia looking so beautiful .Thank you very much for sharing .

cath said...

I always enjoy your photos Jim. You have an excellent eye and perspective. And while I am not a professional photographer and can't give you advice on the technical aspects, I do have an artist's eye, and say keep up the good work! Your photos tell wonderful stories.
Twitter me @jonesbabie

Jools Stone said...

Beautiful. Think the Impala one is my fave, very clever shadow, almost like you've given him a little tattoo!