Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All This Must Pass.

So you're repelled by this face
where horns have been slashed away,
your helplessness seems a deep crevasse.
Dig down in your soul,
climb out of that hole
... and all this will pass.

When you're crying for their loss,
and tears are all you've got,
there is pain in your heart you must surpass.
They need you to strive
to help them stay alive
... or so they will pass.

When you pray by their cross
in remembrance of their loss,
have a thought for how humans trespass.
So now we create
a world so desolate
... when all beasts will pass.

When we struggle on alone
and consider why they've gone
with our environment in a deep morass.
Such industrial decay,
I think you'd better pray
... as all Man may pass.

Rhinos are being poached at a staggering rate. 488 in South Africa in 2011, and total so far this year is 161 indicating 2012 could exceed 600!
Read more about this tragic trade that threatens the existence of rhino on this planet-
Poachers moon.

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Alessandra said...

Despicable, but are we any better? Poachers are poor and ignorant, Asian buyers truly believe that the horns will cure them (ignorant too, in my opinion, but this is what they believe) and we, educated and rich have only 55 Maui dolphins left in NZ, killed so that we can have a carton of fish and chips which we all know that we don't need to survive because there is plenty of other food around, and it is even bad for our health.


RhinoRay said...

This is absolutely fantastic Jim - thank you